DG Partnership Welcomes FloxMonster™

We are pleased to welcome FloxMonster™ as a member of our growing family!

What is FloxMonster™? https://flox.monster is a website that specializes in blogging about topics of the day. Some topics may be controversial, like suicide and depression. And, while we do not control any part of the content there, we do want to help support them. So we are lending a hand with their brand new shop.

Of course, there is a good reason we’re doing this. The creator of FloxMonster™ needs help with an important, virtual art project. It is a giant, 3-D, historical depiction of New Orleans from 1901 called “Haunted Nawlins.” Visitors are able to walk through it, explore the buildings, and interact with the characters who reside there.

However, recent developments threaten the project: a longtime sponsor became seriously ill in March, and has stopped logging into the meta- or hypergrid where the projects exists. His account is now disabled, which means that no one can pay rent on the virtual land where Haunted Nawlins sits. (Who knew you had to pay rent on land that doesn’t technically exist?)

At any rate, the point is, FloxMonster™’s heart is set on saving Haunted Nawlins. Therefore, we have pledged to help as best we can. And while we don’t have corporate millions to contribute, we can surely afford to pick up the transaction fees for FloxMonster™’s shop. In exchange, we will receive advertising on the FloxMonster™ site and, of course, goodwill.

Good luck FloxMonster™! We are all rooting for you.

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