About Us

Dreaming Gates Partnership was established in July 1996 in Virginia, U.S.. We stand proudly as a Veteran- and disabled-owned business.

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We provide goods and services for a number of businesses.

These include Dreaming Gates™, Coy o’Teas™, and DGMagick.com. We also handle business transactions (not the content) for other vetted websites including FloxMonster™ and Mala.kim™ Lastly, because we sell wholesale to other businesses, you may find our products in retail outlets sprinkled across the United States.

10% of our profits go toward supporting Environmental causes.

Our donations go to both local and international efforts. We have always done this, and always will. For us, it’s not a corporate buzzword or promotion. It’s because Mother Earth comes first.

Fantastic Customer Service. I’ve never been treated so well! I will be back!”

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