Products & Services

We at Dreaming Gates Partnership provide a number of top-quality products and services. These appeal to a broad spectrum of the community. Among our top products, we offer:

  • Unique blends of incense, created fresh on-site when you order.
  • Gourmet teas in black, green, herbal, and flavored varieties.
  • Parchment paper made according to Solometric specifications.
  • Blessings for our items in clean, positive, nondenominational Light.

You can purchase the items we create through several different outlets. Please see the About Us page for a current list of websites offering our goods.

We also pride ourselves in supporting Environmentally-friendly practices, like recycling shipping material, and using ecologically-safe materials wherever possible. It’s something we’ve always done, because it’s important. Not just to us, but to Mother Earth.